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Once Upon a Time…
TLN Rome based correspondent Kylie Flavell abandoned a successful career in Australia to go in search of the Italian 'Dolce Vita'. While in Italy, Kylie stumbled upon Patrick’s cooking blog from England and was curious to know more.  Like her, he was a dreamer and left a high-powered job in law to focus on his love of cooking. She wrote Patrick an email asking him to go on a whirlwind romp through Italy.  Patrick thought she was crazy but packed his bags for a trip to Rome in late 2011.  They hit it off and now spend their time cooking, laughing and travelling together. 

This fall on TLN, join the adventure that Patrick and Kylie take as they search to understand the heart of Italian people and their food. Their challenge in each episode is to prepare a homemade meal for the locals using what they've learned, tasted and stolen – all in a day!

About Kylie Flavell

Four years ago Kylie Flavell left her boyfriend and a six-figure salary as a magazine editor to run away and live the dolce vita in Italy.

She is the creator, producer and host of the new travel/cooking series 'When Patrick Met Kylie: A Love (of Food) Story', which airs in 66 countries worldwide this year. She's also the host of season 1 and 2 of 'When in Rome', showing Canadians how to live like a local in her home city. In her latest series, she cooks decadent Italian cuisine in a vintage melodrama comedy series called 'Amore al Dente: Classic Italian Food Stories'.

Kylie is also the editor of Romeing magazine, Italy's leading publication for expats and tourists.  She is currently writing a recipe book called 'The Dolce Vita Diet' on how to indulge in Mediterranean food with wholesome figure-friendly recipes and a travel memoir about leaving everything to follow her dreams called 'A Life Romantic'.

All three of Kylie's shows air exclusively on TLN TV in Canada.

Kylie in the Media

Passion, Food & Fun - John Doyle, The Globe and Mail


... A word about Kylie Flavell, the next big thing I'd say.  To call her "bubbly" is an epic understatement.

Read the full Globe and Mail article here.  

Kylie's View the Vibe Interivew


Kylie Flavell left a successful career as a food, travel and business editor in her native Australia to run away for food, wine and adventure in Rome. The self-described ‘Italophile’ has since picked up Italiano and spends her days cooking, eating, and writing.  I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. Flavell about eating, food porn, and living your dreams…

Read Kylie's full interview here. 

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