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In this beautifully filmed food and drink series, the kings of Italian cuisine, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo, return to Italy to discover how Italians have changed the way they eat and drink. The hosts reflect on food, wine, life and their sometimes fractious and always hilarious relationship.


  • Sun May 31 at 8:00 PM

    The Family

    Internationally renowned chefs and old friends, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo return to the Italy they left more than fourty years ago, to discover what has changed in Italian culture in that time and how that has affected the way Italians eat. Then they were boys divorce was illegal, recipes were handed down from mother to daughter and every Italian woman took pride in their ability to cook for their family. In the first of the series, the greedy cooks eat their way around Emilia Romagna, home of parma ham and parmesan cheese, to find out if food and family are still at the heart of Italian life. To begin they spend an enjoyable Sunday lunch with a traditional Italian family whose fortunes ferment with the balsalmic vinegar in their vaults. For the daughters, weekends are dominated by the loving preparation of traditional tortellini, a symbol of their love and ties with their family. In Bologna, they meet a fiesty female crime journalist whose life does not revolve around cooking and a fast food, tortellini millionaire whose livelihood depends upon these changing lifestyles. They check in at a dating agency to see how Italian women find husbands now that they don't cook and Antonio is cajoled into going on a blind date. Finally they are surprised to uncover the essence of family when Gennaro is moved to tears by an unusual group of cheese-makers. Homely recipes in this episode are Mamma Contaldo's Ricotta Dumplings and Slow Cooked Family Stew with Polenta Gennaro also creates a seductive Warm Chocolate and Amaretto Pudding.

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