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Mucho Movies welcomes a new selection of great Hollywood blockbusters. It is time to get some finger food and enjoy what TLN has to offer!


  • Sun Jul 31 at 12:00 AM


    A young artist (Andrew McCarthy), makes a mannequin so perfect he falls in love with it. Finding the mannequin in a store window, he gets a job there and his creation comes to life. Starring Kim Cattrall.

  • Sat Aug 6 at 9:00 PM

    The Italian Job

    After being betrayed and left for dead in Italy, Charlie Croker (Mark Wahlberg) and his team plan an elaborate gold heist against their former ally.

  • Sat Aug 6 at 11:30 PM

    Me, Myself and Irene

    Rhode Island State Trooper, Charlie Baileygates has a multiple personality disorder and both of these personalities fall in love with the same woman named Irene; after Charlie loses his medication.

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