Lidia's Italy


Pack your bags, because you’re going to Italy... Lidia’s Italy. Emmy Award winning chef,  Lidia Bastianich celebrates the land she calls home as she journeys throughout Italy exploring the various regions that lend inspiration to her delicious recipes.

In each episode Lidia takes viewers on a gastronomic tour to regions such as Tuscany, Rome, Naples, Padua, Sicily, Trieste and Istria. She introduces them to friends and family, visits food markets, fishing villages and farms as she haggles over the price of fish, forages for the perfect truffle in the soil of her ancestors, or picks ripe red tomatoes from the volcanic ashes of Mount Vesuvius.

Throughout the series, friends and family often join Lidia, including her daughter Tanya, an authority on Italian renaissance Art with a doctorate in Art History from Oxford University. Tanya introduces some of Lidia’s favorite hidden cultural treasures, while her son Joseph, an award winning vintner, frequently stops by to discuss regional wines.

At the end of each episode, return back to Lidia’s familiar kitchen where she prepares sumptuous recipes as you, the viewer cooks along.


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