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Every day in cities and towns across Canada, people gather together to celebrate their culture, traditions and their community. TLN Cares and is committed to connecting to our diverse audiences and to supporting their events in a variety of ways – including on-air community segments TLN Oggi in Italian and TLN Hoy in Spanish, on-line community listings  Appunti and Programate, and through partnerships with our vast community network of contacts.  TLN Cares is an ongoing showcase of our commitment to unifying and encouraging engagement and development within the Italian and Hispanic Canadian communities that we have served for 28 years.

2014 Smiles of Innocence)

14/11/14 | Comments
TLN was honoured to support Smiles of Innocence Memorial Charity which has grown and become one of the leading community based fundraising groups for SickKids Foundation.  With participants' help they have raised in excess of 3 million dollars. These funds have helped in many areas of the hospital to help better the lives of children everywhere.  Funds have also been invested in research.  Through medical and scientific advances the hospital continues to improve the lives of children and their families in Canada and around the world. 

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Ontario Senior Achievement Awards )

05/11/14 | Comments
The Senior Achievement Awards are the highest provincial honour for seniors over 65. The award is presented each year by the Lieutenant Governor. Among the recipients is Antonietta, a 99 year young Canadian Italian volunteer who plans to keep herself busy for many years to come!

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2014 THCC VISION Showcase Awards )

03/11/14 | Comments

Univision Canada is proud to support the 2014 THCC VISION Showcase Awards which honoured six Canadian Hispanic business leaders in Toronto, each of whom has achieved excellence in their field, making a positive impact on the community. Congratulations to all the winners!

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Congratulations! Felicitaciones to the 2014 Telelatino York University Bursary Winner Yonita Parkes.)

31/10/14 | Comments
As one of its many “TLN Cares” community outreach initiatives, TLN partnered with York University in 2008 and has since then awarded an annual bursary of $1000 to a York University undergraduate student to recognize exceptional work in any area of study on the experiences of Hispanics in Canada.  This year, to mark Telelatino’s milestone anniversary, the network announced that it will increase its donation, awarding three $1000 bursaries in 2015.  The Telelatino endowment program encourages the development of diverse voices and a breadth of viewpoints regarding the confluence of the Hispanic Diaspora and day-to-day Canadian living.

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