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Every day in cities and towns across Canada, people gather together to celebrate their culture, traditions and their community. TLN is committed to connecting to our diverse audiences and to supporting their events in a variety of ways – including on-air community segments Ciao! in Italian and Hola! in Spanish, on-line community listings  Appunti and Programate, and through partnerships with our vast community network of contacts.  TLN is an ongoing showcase of our commitment to unifying and encouraging engagement and development within the Italian and Hispanic Canadian communities that we have served for over 30 years.

TD's 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians)

22/12/16 | Comments

TLN Telelatino, Canada’s most influential multilingual media Company and Univision Canada, the #1 Spanish language TV channel in Canada are proud National Media Partners of the 2016 TD 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians.

The winners have demonstrated the incredible contributions that Hispanics (a demographic group made up of almost 2 million Spanish Speakers) are making to Canada’s multicultural landscape.

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5th Annual Festival of Light)

12/12/16 | Comments

TLN was proud to take part in the 5th annual Festival of Light in Vaughan, an opportunity for various community groups to come together and share their music, dance, arts and food with other community members. What better way to celebrate Multiculturalism?

TLN ha preso parte al bel Festival of Light, una celebrazione dedicata ai vari gruppi etnici di Vaughan. Ognuno ha condiviso la propia arte, il proprio cibo, la propria musica. Quale modo migliore di celebrare il multiculturalismo?

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2016 Smiles Of Innocence)

18/11/16 | Comments

TLN was very proud to be part of Smiles Of Innocence Memorial Gala. Over the past 19 years this event has raised over $3 million, with funds being used for purchases such as Neonatal Intensive Care Incubators at the Hospital of Sick Children. 

TLN ancora una volta ha voluto essere partner di un evento straordinario, che in 19 anni ha raccolto oltre 3 milioni da destinare per nuove apparecchiature nell'ospedale Sick Children di Toronto. 

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Evergreen: Sempreverde, Canadian Premiere)

27/10/16 | Comments

TLN was very happy to attend the Canadian premiere of Evegreen, an educational and multicultural show tailored for schools and families with the timeless messages of embracing different cultures and languages, protecting the environment and learning through music and theatre.

TLN non è mancata alla prima Canadese dello spettacolo Evergeen: Sempreverde. Uno show pensato per le giovani generazioni che attraverso il teatro e la lingua Italiana, porta nel mondo un messaggio di dialogo ed ecologia.

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